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World's First Affordable, Large Area Desktop Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping Tool

Beam Pen Lithography (BPL)


Innovative Hardware Solution • Custom Software Integration Unified Tool for Constructing & Studying Nanomaterials


The TERA-Fab E series is the first commercial tool for doing Beam Pen Lithography (BPL). This instrument uses arrays with as many as 20,000 independently addressable pens, each with a tiny aperture to pattern surfaces with light. The custom software allows the researcher to rapidly stitch fields together over a 0.5x0.4 cm2 patterning area. Feature size resolution is sub-200 nm. This tool allows one to rapidly prototype electronic and optical devices, fabricate photomasks, and lithographically process photosensitive surfaces at the point-of-use. A clean room is not required.



Large Area. High Resolution. Mask Free.

all at your desktop

Pattern tens of mm2 with diffraction unlimited resolution in a high-throughput manner (up to 20,000 tips can act in parallel).

Change a pattern instantaneously as no photomask is required.

Pattern features ranging from sub-250 nm to microns in deliberate fashion using the same tip array. Independently control the active state of each tip in the array.

Create the same microscale pattern with each tip or a macroscale pattern with thousands of tips acting in an orchestrated manner.

Rapidly prototype active circuits and functional devices. Write patterns in registry with existing patterns and nanostructures. Perform highly localized photochemical reactions and synthesis in air and liquid. And more...

Start patterning after only a few hours of training, made possible through an intelligent, easy-to-use design of the intsrument’s hardware and software.