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World's first affordable, large area desktop fabrication and nanomaterials discovery tool


The TERA-Fab M series is the first commercial tool for doing Polymer Pen Lithography (PPL). This tool provides the user with the ability to pattern surfaces with materials over square centimeter areas. A wide variety of inks and substrates can be used, and arrays with as many as 2.80 million pens are available. This tool is extremely useful for making the types of architectures traditionally made using contact printing or by dip-pen nanolithography, but it does not require a new stamp each time to generate a new pattern. Researchers can pattern features across the nanometer, micrometer, and macroscopic length scales all with the same tool. Custom software allows one to generate any pattern of interest. Applications involve the generation of electronic circuitry, combinatorial libraries of hard and soft matter (e.g. DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, inorganic nano particles), and affinity templates that can localize nanoscopic structures on existing surfaces.

Enabled Applications

Discover new nanomaterials for catalysis, plasmonics,
magnetics, and pharmaceutical applications in a fast
and efficient manner.


Pattern cm2 scale areas with diffraction unlimited, sub-100 nm resolution in a high-throughput manner (up to 2.80 million tips can act in parallel).

Pattern a broad range of soft and hard materials, including DNA, proteins, block-copolymers, virus particles, metals, and more. Change a pattern instantaneously since no photomask required. Pattern features ranging from sub-100 nm to few microns in deliberate fashion using the same tip array.

Generate high-throughput combinatorial libraries of nanomaterials incrementally varying in size and composition in a well-controlled manner for discovery applications and create new nanomaterials that are nonexistent in nature. And more...

Start patterning after only a few hours of training, made possible through an intelligent, easy to-use design of the intrument’s hardware and software.

Competitive Advantages